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Many companies decide to change their current website after some time. The owner sometimes just states that the old man does not like him and wants to have something new. Instructs a Cheap Website Development Company not to pay attention to how they do it. The owner of the company has no idea how some mechanisms operate on the Internet - and does not need to know that. In the end, web design is not his business - he is a customer here.
But if a company that does this professionally does not take into account important issues related to creating a new website - it can make the customer do a disservice, give a shot in the knee, and the customer will pay for it.
But what's the matter?
Everything is broken so that the new site does not lose visitors , as she had with the old version. And additionally - get new, new internet users who for the old version of the site did not hit, and for a new yes, they should. Here are some important things you may not know , but you need to know the company that is designing your new website:
1. Creating a website architecture for SEO
SEO is the other way of optimizing a website for search engines (Search Engine Optimization). When a search engine arrives at your website, one of the most important things you do is to check all the relationships between the pages that are on it. In general terms, it is about how the individual pages of your new web site will be related. This is important because the pages that will be associated with many others are more "weighted" than those that are "pinned" to only one of your site's subpages.


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