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Importance of regular maintenance of web design

The maintenance of a Web Page is an equally important part of its design or its own creation. This maintenance is what allows the Website to continue to fulfill the purpose for which it was created throughout its life cycle. You can take charge of carrying out these maintenance tasks yourself, if you have the necessary time and knowledge, or you can hire a maintenance service for your Website .

Some of the tasks that are usually carried out when you hire Affordable Websites Auckland a maintenance service for your Website are the following:

  • Periodic review of the correct functioning of the Website and all its functionalities: carrying out the necessary corrective actions in case a problem is detected.

  • Detection and blocking of possible security attacks: it is common to find attacks against the Website in order to prevent its proper functioning, alter its content, eliminate information, steal information (e-mail addresses, personal information of users of the Website, etc.), etc.

  • Detection and elimination of bottlenecks: that cause the operation of the Website to slow down as the number of visitors increases.

  • Resolution of problems due to the passage of time: such as links on the Website pointing to other Web Pages that have already ceased to exist, integrations with third-party web applications (for example: Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that have left to work properly, etc.

  • Correction of errors and security problems: detected in the web server or in the technological platform used for the development of the Website.

  • Correction of problems that have not been detected during the development and testing phases of the Website.

  • Making adjustments in the Web Server in order to increase the performance and speed of the Web Page.


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